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Singapore Chilli Crab

Christmas has to be one of my favourite times of the year… a time to relax and share some good food with family and friends For Christmas this year I decided to make Singapore Chilli Crab, not exactly the traditional Christmas dinner but then again, new traditions can always be created.   Ingredients: 1 large […]

Kuaizi Modern Fusion (Sydney) Restaurant Review

The word “fusion” cuisines has always been a little bit confusing to me. What does it actually mean? Can you change the way a dish is cooked or served up and call it fusion??? Like everything in my little world when I’m unsure I Google it. Yes, that’s right! I Google. So according to Wikipedia […]

Jamie’s Italian Review

Who doesn’t love a celebrity chef… especially if that person happens to be world renowned chef, Jamie Oliver. Like many other Sydney siders my friends and I watch his shows and all have at least one of his cookbooks in our home so we decided to check it out, Jamie’s Italian for ourselves. It was […]

Toro’s (Taurus) Tapas and Wine Bar

As a marketer, I have never been a huge fan of “groupons” as I believe its creates a society of people who are constantly “looking out for the next best deal” whatever happened to loyalty? None-the-less, I caved into the idea and purchased my first groupon with my friends. I mean, it wasn’t too hard […]