About Me

My name is Karen and I live in in the inner-city suburb of Sydney.

If there is one thing I love most in this world that would have to be food and sharing it with the people I love, my family and friends. I love to cook but, I hate cleaning up after myself.  My friends are constantly asking me for recipes or places to dine out in Sydney so I decided to start my own blog.

The Hungry Hungry Monkey isn’t just about restaurant reviews but, I wanted to share with you my passion for food, places I love to eat, food that I cook at home and all the places I have travelled to.

I don’t like to sugar coat things so, I’ll tell it as it is. If I don’t like something then, I’m usually the first person to stick my hand up and say so, but if I absolutely love it then I’m one of those annoying people who has to tell the whole world about how great it is.

A little bit about Monkey

Monkey was given to me as a gift about 7 years ago. Obviously, I’m not the most creative soul and named him, Monkey!
He has travelled everywhere from London, Japan, Singapore, United States and India (just to name a few places). He is my partner in crime when it comes to trying out new cuisines and discovering new places.

Follow us on our adventure as we travel through Sydney and beyond!