Chi Chi Asian Restaurant and Bar, Canley Heights

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hi everyone! Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Wednesday evening… Last night, I went down west to visit some friends I haven’t seen in a while and like always they never disappointment me with great company and good food. I ventured down to Canley Heights to try out […]

Graze, Pyrmont

Grazing style dishes is the name of the game! A concept that I absolutely love- small, bite size dishes means I can eat more and try a variety of dishes. So when I recently discovered Graze, a boutique restaurant that sources its ingredients from local producers incorporating sustainable and ethical farming practices in Pyrmont I […]

North Restaurant, Adelaide

  Last weekend I spent a couple of days in Adelaide with Monkey. Adelaide definitely reminds me of Melbourne but a little bit smaller. Its a beautiful planned city with great food and a real cafe culture that we lack in Sydney. Over the next few postings I want to share with you a few […]

Kuaizi Modern Fusion (Sydney) Restaurant Review

The word “fusion” cuisines has always been a little bit confusing to me. What does it actually mean? Can you change the way a dish is cooked or served up and call it fusion??? Like everything in my little world when I’m unsure I Google it. Yes, that’s right! I Google. So according to Wikipedia […]