Chi Chi Asian Restaurant and Bar, Canley Heights

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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Wednesday evening… Last night, I went down west to visit some friends I haven’t seen in a while and like always they never disappointment me with great company and good food.

Monkey @ Chi Chi

Monkey @ Chi Chi

I ventured down to Canley Heights to try out a newish restaurant, Chi Chi Asian Kitchen & Bar. Which I would probably call modern Asian fusion. Check out all the yummy foods we tried below. :)

Monkey @ Chi Chi

Monkey @ Chi Chi

I had to take a pic of Monkey sitting on the super cute menu that could be used as a placemat.

Curry Puffs

Hand made curry puffs

We started with a few entrees including these hand made curry puffs of beef, potatoes and peas served with a side of cucumber yoghurt.

Spanner crab betel leaf

Spanner crab betel leaf

We also ordered the Spanner crab betel leaf with pomelo, caramelised coconut, galangal & peanuts. Unfortunately, the spanner crab flavour wasn’t very strong so I couldn’t really taste it.

Fish betel leaf

Smoked trout betel leaf

The Smoked trout with galangal, roasted chilli & fried shallots on a betel leaf was a standout for me. You could really taste the smoked salmon and the fresh herbs.

Fried rice with egg

Les’ clay pot rice

For mains we had ordered quite a few dishes, considering there was only 6 of us it was quite a lot of food. The Les’ clay pot rice with prawns, chicken, Chinese sausage, lily buds topped with a fried egg was a very simple and homely dish. I love the flavour combination and it kind of reminded me of the famous Korean bibimbap.

Deep-fried school prawns

Crunchy school prawns with chilli mayo

Crunchy school prawns with chilli mayo was next. The school prawns are meant to be eaten whole (head, tail and all) but like some of my friends if the idea of eating a whole prawn grosses you out you can always peel it off! The prawns were crunchy and extremely sweet.

Braised beef

Beef me up- braised beef short ribs

The Beef me up- braised beef short ribs with chilli & tamarind served with pickled vegetables on the side was such a homie dish. It reminded me very much of a classic Vietnamese braised pork dish my mum would cook at home for us. Extremely hearty and warm when eaten with jasmine rice. The pickled vegetables helps to cut through the rich sauce and gives the dish a good balance of sweet and savour.

Salt & pepper calamari

Salt & pepper squid

Next up was the house speciality salt & pepper squid. Personally, I would have preferred the squids to be more crunchy and spicy but that’s just me.


Crispy skin whole spatchcock with sate sauce

Who can ever resist a piece of crispy chicken? We ordered the Crispy skin whole spatchcock with house made sate sauce. I quite like the sweet sate sauce although the sauce had drenched the chicken so when it arrived on the table the chicken was no longer crispy :/

Pork belly

Chi Chi’s braised pork belly

For our last main course we tried Chi Chi’s braised pork belly with green papaya salad and fried shallots which I thought was very similar to the Thai or Laotian green papaya salad. Made up of crispy cubes of delicious pork belly, topped with a mound of shredded green papaya, mint and fried shallots. The sauce that coated the salad was a mixture of heat, fish sauce and a hint of sweetness.

Even though we were all quite full by the time dessert came out we had to try it- happy ending anyone???


Kaffir lime brulée with coconut sorbet

We had three dessert including a Kaffir lime brulée with coconut sorbet. I absolutely loved the coconut sorbet- it was light and very creamy. It’s definitely a must try if you come here.


Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta with mixed berry compote & honeycomb

The Panna Cotta with mixed berry compote & honeycomb was also nice. I really like the smooth and light texture of the panna cotta and the honeycomb melts in your mouth with every bite. Kind of reminds me of a crunchy bar minus the chocolate.

Creme Caramel

House special creme caramel

The last dish for the evening was the House special creme caramel. The waiter mentioned that the creme caramel was a must try so we decided to get it. I personally didn’t like this much as the kaffir lime creme brûlée with coconut ice cream. I thought the creme caramel tasted a little burnt.

Overall, if you have been to Canley Heights over the past year and walked passed Chi Chi do try it out. We practically ate our way through the whole menu. The price is relative but if you are looking for a cheap meal that is more traditional its probably not the right restaurant for you but if you are looking for a fun night out with your friends or family and want to try some modern/ fusion than definitely try it out. They also have some very delicious cocktails that will compliment the dishes well.


Chi Chi Asian Restaurant and Bar
3/ 264 Canley Vale Road
Canley Heights  NSW  2166
+61 2 9727 2068




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