Mexico food and liquor review


Mexico food and liquor has recently popped up in Surry Hills replacing District Dining.

Monkey @ Mexico food and liquor

Monkey @ Mexico food and liquor

Walking in you are automatically transformed into a different world. Adorned with Mexican style artifacts and decor fill every inch of the small restaurant.

As we were shown to our seats I quickly scanned the room which displayed portraits of Frida Kahlo, and other Mexican and Catholic-themed artwork, murals of skulls, empty tequila bottles, candles, flowers, and other Mexican themed items.

hot sauce

Hot sauce from Mexico

The scene is set with mood lighting – globes inside cages hangs from the ceiling and candles on each table provide just enough light for diners. Monkey and I were so intrigued by the decor in particular, the hot sauces on each table which also added character to the restaurant layout.

Guava Martini

Guava Margarita

The list of tequilas on offer is quite impressive but, we decided to opt for the Guava Margarita cocktails. Highly recommended if you are looking for something on the fruity side.

Soft taco salmon

Soft taco salmon with pomegranate

The dishes served at Mexico food and liquor is meant for sharing except the soft tacos. There is definitely no sharing here.  Monkey and I opted to get the salmon and beef soft tacos each to start. I particularly liked the fresh salmon one with pomegranate. The freshness of the salmon with small bursts of pomegranate seeds in every bite made the dish more exciting to eat.

Soft taco beef

Smokey beef arrachera, charred onions, pork crackling and pineapple mayo

The shredded beef strips was also quite good but became a bit soggy to eat as I had left mine sitting for a bit too long :/

taco with dip

Salsa roja with corn chips

We also shared a serving of home made corn chips with a salsa roja (also known as red sauce). Salsa roja usually includes cooked tomatoes, chilli peppers, garlic, onion and fresh cilantro. This particular salsa had a rich tomato taste and the corn chips were extremely fresh.


Chorizo with caramelised sultanas

Monkey and I also shared a plate of chorizo with caramelised sultanas and bread pieces. I love the contrast between the salty and spicy chorizo with the sweet caramelised sultanas.

fried chicken wings

MEXICO’s fried chicken

Fried chicken wings, such a simple dish but, somehow never seems to disappoint. The chicken is marinated in a light crunchy batter served with a creamy mayo sauce.


Bunuelos de xocolate, pinenut crema

I didn’t enjoy the dessert as much as I thought I would have. The cake was moist and crumbly but, personally I would prefer it been served with vanilla bean ice cream instead.


Mexico food and liquor
17 Randle Street
Surry Hills  NSW  2000
+61 2 9211 7798



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