Rachel’s gourmet low fat yoghurts review

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Rachel's gourmet yoghurts

Rachel’s gourmet yoghurts

Rachel’s gourmet low fat yoghurts have been around since the early 1990’s, first created in a family dairy farm in Wales and recently introduced into the Australian market. It delicious yoghurt brand comes in four irresistible flavours including black plum & roasted fig, wild Strawberry & rhubarb, peaches & vine ripe passionfruit and mango & Madagascan vanilla.

Black plum & roasted fig, 560g tubs

Black plum & roasted fig, 560g tubs

I personally love figs, fresh, roasted, grilled or baked figs. I love them all. So, how could I resist when I discovered one of the flavours on offer had figs in it. The black pulm & roasted fig is soft and sweet yet not overwhelming so you can still taste the creamy texture of the yoghurt.



If you’re a fan of fresh strawberry and rhubarb than this one is for you. The strawberry flavour is quite mellow and works really well with the stewed rhubarb. It doesn’t include any preservatives or sweetener.

Wild Strawberry & Rhubarb, 560g tubs

Wild Strawberry & Rhubarb, 560g tubs


From the four flavours, my favourite has to be the mango & madagascan vanilla (followed by black plum and roasted fig). The mango yoghurt is creamy and marries up so well with the sweet mango flavours and fresh vanilla bean flavour… just thinking about it just makes me want to go eat a tub of it. The peaches & vine ripe passionfruit is probably my least favourite from the bunch as I’m not a fan of sour flavours. I wish there was more peaches than passionfruit in the mix.

I love how travel friendly the small (150grams) tubs are especially, for early morning fast, on-the-go breakfast on the commute into work. It comes with a foldable disposable spoon which is an added bonus.

Mango & Madagascan vanilla, 150g tubs and peaches & vine ripe passionfruit, 150g tubs

Mango & Madagascan vanilla and peaches & vine ripe passionfruit, 150g tubs

Recently, I have been on a health kick. I like to start my mornings with a bowl of toasted muesli, yoghurt, fresh fruits and sometimes a tablespoon full of chia seeds for an added kick of nutrients (not shown in picture).


Delicious goodies for breakfast

Right now I’m really loving a mixture of blueberries, bananas, strawberries, watermelon or raspberries depending on what I find at my local grocery store.


Breakfast time!

Overall, I love the creamy flavour of these yoghurts. The best part is, its low in fat so you can actually eat a lot more and not worry and the yoghurts are made with 100% Australian milk, in Australia. I first discovered Rachel’s yoghurt at my local Coles in Pyrmont but, I believe you can purchase it at Coles, Woolworths and some independent supermarkets nationally.

Let me know if you have tried Rachel’s yoghurt and which one is your favourite flavour?

Xx K



Disclaimer: This review was not sponsored by Rachel’s but, I did receive the yoghurts to sample. All comments and opinions written in this post is of my own.



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  1. Jessica Tran says:

    I really like Rachels yoghurt too! My favourite flavour is the black plum and figs.

  2. Emily Jensen says:

    Great photos Karen. I’ve seen this brand at the supermarket but I love the vanilla bean one from five:am. have you tried it yet? How does it compare to Rachel’s?

    • Hi Emily, yes I have tried the vanilla one from five:am it’s very creamy and the vanilla flavour is authentic. Love that one too! Definitely give the mango one from Rachel’s ago :)

      Xx k

  3. Send me a sample to try! I’ll help you eat them.

  4. I like the mangoes and vanilla too


  5. Hello Karen. Stumbled across your post. Is this the same Rachel’s yoghurt in the UK?


    • Hi Adam, thank you for the comment. I’ve never tried the UK one but I believe it is :) just packaging is different.

      Xx K

  6. Georgina says:

    Wow!! Can’t believe this yoghurt made it onto your blog. I have been eating the black plum and roasted fig yoghurt for quite sometime. Nice to see you reviewing store products as well as restaurant reviews. btw, love you last post on the easter bunny. Super cute hun.

  7. Justin C says:

    Never tried this brand. Is it sweet?

    • Hi Justin,
      No, its not too sweet. But feel free to look at the nutritional information pic on my blog post for sugar content.
      Xx K

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