Dog dog Japon Review, Sydney

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   Last night I went to try out a recently opened “cafe style” food stall in Townhall, Dog dog Japon. The name of the restuarant says it all, Japanese style hot dogs. Dog Dog Japon is located in the heart of the refurbished Skyview Plaza in Townhall. It has recently […]

North Restaurant, Adelaide

  Last weekend I spent a couple of days in Adelaide with Monkey. Adelaide definitely reminds me of Melbourne but a little bit smaller. Its a beautiful planned city with great food and a real cafe culture that we lack in Sydney. Over the next few postings I want to share with you a few […]

Kuaizi Modern Fusion (Sydney) Restaurant Review

The word “fusion” cuisines has always been a little bit confusing to me. What does it actually mean? Can you change the way a dish is cooked or served up and call it fusion??? Like everything in my little world when I’m unsure I Google it. Yes, that’s right! I Google. So according to Wikipedia […]